Work with Andrzej

Smile, Tears and Moments of Joy

This gentle yet powerful assistant to your daily happiness and positivity is on the way.

The face is a mirror of our mood and emotions. Polish the mirror, wipe out the residue of bad moments.

Once learned, the lesson will be with you for good and bad, and others will ask how  you are always so positive, smiling and radiant.

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Energy and Vitality

Program Details

Slowing the descending process will be felt quickly after the practice starts, and for years to come, slowing down the aging process now and then.​​​​​​​

In Qi Gong we understand that falling levels of inborn Qi Energy is the reason for slowly descending vitality. 


Physical and meditative exercises, with the power to raise the descending energy and enable you to enjoy life fully again

A young, joyful, and positive attitude will be yours again.

Broad spectrum of Shiatsu, Meditation and QI Gong practice combined together and offered in customized wellness sessions.​​​​​​​

Personal Wellness Guidance and Consultation

Practice self-massage and acupoint stimulation. We do stretches that are tailored to specific issues, offering 1-on-1 training in proper breathing to stabilize emotional issues, and meditation to overcome stress.

New clients are now being selected.

Yin Qi Gong

Low impact, designed for existing health issues and conditions in people of different health stages. It follows trainee physical abilities and support healing efforts. Continuous practice improve physical health and overall well being .​​​​​​​

Yin Gong fulfills all demands and expectation of wholistic health care system​​​​​​​

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Yang Qi Gong

Highly choreographed, sophisticated movement requires and supports development kinetic memory which effects in better memory in a regular life.

Recommended for active people who want to stay at the top of their abilities the practice is rooted in Chinese  internal martial arts tradition.

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