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This elegant, flowing and lovely to look at movement offers surprisingly long list of benefits 

With the practice it will :

Correct the body posture’s  imperfections, especially those who are an  effects

of extended challenging work.

Restore strength and flexibility of the joints, long walk will be a pleasure again.

Grow enormously the number of cells and synapses in the brain which are

responsible for movement coordination and memory.

Help to release anger, frustration and other negative emotions,

build up positive relaxed attitude to easier deal with life.

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Free Flow Yang Qi Gong

Meet Andrzej and explore training further before committing to Qi Gong.

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Free Flow Class

Builds up individual physical fitness, and releases stress and negative emotions.

Yang Gong training is based on a martial art tradition, although it does not include the fighting  applications.

Training techniques include all elements necessary for strength building and stress relief.

Methods for discharging emotions through fast and strong physical practice.