Personal Wellness Consultation

In emergency situations and when the client is experiencing pain, aches and other types of discomfort, we provide assistance in effecting change in the energy flow, which results in relief and restored health and comfort.

Stage 1

After the emergency, we begin health maintenance. We explore possible reasons for health issues, practice specific exercises, including breathing exercises to bring about emotional relief.

These forms of meditation affect/release, blockages that are often hidden deep in the mind. This leads to a continuous improvement in general health, an abundant energy flow, enhanced daily well-being, and, ultimately, the elimination of the causes of ill health.

Stage 2

We begin Qi Gong.  Extended Qi Gong practice is a perfect way to conserve the progress generated by the previous stages in that it improves the body’s physical and emotional strength, balance, and the immune system.

Stage 3

This personalized program combines the broad spectrum of Shiatsu, Meditation, and Qi Gong into a focused approach and offers customized wellness sessions. 

It relies on constant feedback between the Instructor and Client. We discuss the goals together, constantly estimate progress, and, where necessary, change the approach to help meet your needs and expectations.

Working together we estimate energetic and physical health needs, and apply proper methods to meet them. The goal here is to use all available resources to maintain and promote good health.

In Ft. Laurderdale, Florida​​​​​​​, direct Shiatsu healing technique is available to further maximize the effects of the program. 

All that is needed to maintain health and well being.

All that is needed to maintain health and well being.

During the sessions, we practice self-massage and acupoint stimulation; we do stretches that are tailored to specific issues; training in proper breathing to stabilize emotional issues; and meditate to overcome stress

These are just a few of the activities that are drawn from a list of various styles and methods that have been selected.

What is important here is that you learn about your specific health and wellness needs and practice accordingly in the most efficient and effective way possible.​​​​​​​

Training organization: training is offered in either on-line training/guiding sessions or in person for local residents. It requires an extended  agreement for  90-minute training sessions once a week. Training and scheduling are determined individually and with cooperation from the student.