Smiles, Tears, Moments of Joy​​​​​​​

Personal Wellness Guidance

Andrzej Leszczynski

Massage and Meditation to regain Natural Beauty and Freshness to the Face​​​​​​​

This lesson guides you through techniques and methods to release existing negative imprints and to regain natural beauty and freshness to the face.

Free Flow Smile, Tears, and Moments of Joy

End of January 2020


Free Flow

Yin Qi Gong


9/27 - 10/25 - 11/22

Free Flow

Yang Qi Gong


9/27 - 10/18 - 11/22

Introductory classes designed to introduce you to Andrzej and let you explore the benefits Qi Gong.

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What people Say About Andrzej

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Andrzej believes that many of today’s health problems are related to a disconnection with nature, causing distorted energy patterns that ultimately translate into physical complaints.

Noting common health challenges that are affecting many of his clients, he has developed special programs organized around specific themes.

​​​​​​​Techniques from many different energetic healing traditions are used to address energy blockages and distortions, and to introduce more beneficial patterns.

Each individual session is customized, assessing your unique energetic structure, as well as physical issues.

Sessions provide guidance on specific energetic exercises that support your individual health needs.

It is my pleasure to let you know that my private and professional life have changed. I migrated to Florida, and at the same time, decided to explore the Qi Gong approach to health and healing, and how could that adapted to our busy 21st century life. My experience has long proven that Qi Gong could be as effective as a hands-on treatment; I’m inviting you to explore that amazing healing modality together.

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