Qi Gong for Addiction Recovery

More than anyone, those recovering from addiction are vulnerable to life's challenges. This program would offer training to ensure they are in a place of care, where strengthening their willpower can continue. This program is intended to support efforts that rehabilitation centers use to help people get back on healthy paths in life.

Goals the Students Will Practice Achieving

  • The physical comfort and emotional balance gained from increased energy flow For this, a short version of a Yin Qi Gong with frequent repetitions will be practiced. After six weeks, a student will be able to properly follow the instructor in the entire form.
  • Renewed internal connectivity and increased awareness of the body, including a naturally-calming breathing process

Students will learn how to approach the hidden blockages causing discomfort in their bodies, gaining experience in how to apprehend their heightened levels of emotion in a peaceful, non-confrontational manner.

  • Improve emotional self-resistance and understanding
  • Gain the emotional strength and balance to resist stresses
  • Learn how to peacefully distance yourself from your emotions and those of other people

The students will gain knowledge on how emotions flow energy through the body to be able to approach them as a normal part of their life instead of as an emotional roller coaster. Necessary to enhance the results elements of energetic therapy like The Theory of the Five Elements and understanding the principle of the Yin/Yang is the basis for this aspect of training.

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