Personal Wellness

A spectrum of paths and methods to foster wellbeing and longevity integrated in the form of individual sessions. Working one-on-one with the instructor at around two hours each week, the sessions will:

    • Improve and conserve the physical health, reduce existing tensions and discomforts.
    • Enable one to practice the art of balancing emotions to eliminate the sources of stress.
    • Cultivate your mind to develop desired mind qualities such as feel strong and positive, being self-confident in difficult situations and day-to-day life.

Services offered

Individual one-on-one Qi Gong training

At that session, you are learning and practicing Qi Gong exercise to support your wellbeing and alleviate existing health issues. Qi Gong Exercise embraces many of them and give a great chance to actively work for your goodness.

Single session fee is $65 and it last one hour. If your progress requires more time you can buy 4 sessions at the time and save $50.

Visit our blog to learn more what Qigong can do for you or contact us to discuss your needs and expectations.


Read our blog Nurturing Your Body to see how the Shiatsu works and what it can do for you.

One-hour Shiatsu session

One-hour sessions are restorative as they focus on help existing specific health ailments.

The session fee is $75

One and half hour Shiatsu sessions.

This are whole body session, they work on improvement of specific ailments and build the person’s ability to relax and be well by improving the Life Energy – Qi flow. All kinds of benefits the energetic healing can offer received in a comfortable and supportive ways.

Session Fee is $105. Buy 3 sessions and save $60

Be Well integrated session

“Be well” sessions combine Shiatsu gently touch with physical and meditative practice of QI Gong and power of meditations all customized to the receiver needs and expectations. Once a week, two-hour long session. In cooperation with the Instructor you create your goals and work on them. Being “all-in-one “this program is perfect for busy people who still want to take care of them.

The session fee is $130 Buy 4 sessions and save $90

Our blogs provide a lot of understanding of offered services, please read them before you make any decision. You may also email me directly requesting specific information.

All sessions are by appointment only. Click to email your request for specific information. Or call/text Andrzej 609 742 3140

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