Focus, Concentration, Intellectual Creativity... and a Healthy Body, too.

Our training program employs Qi Gong techniques to stop compulsive stressful thoughts, and instead learn to enjoy a clear thought process and sense of focus, free from obstacles. Release your natural, uninhibited creativity and concentration.

How many times have you been in a situation when a project deadline is looming and you try to work on it, but the concentration necessary for your task is gone and instead your mind is projecting obstructive, stressful scenarios that block your other thoughts?

In that situation, the brain is idling and wasting its potential by instead producing distracting thoughts which overshadow your concentration. Our training program employs Qi Gong techniques to stop these compulsive stressful thoughts and to instead learn to enjoy a clear thought process and sense of focus that is free from obstacles to release your natural, uninhibited creativity and concentration.

The participants of this course will:

  • Practice Qi Gong exercises to keep the body healthy and keep Qi energy flowing and abundant. Smooth flow of Qi provides the overall sense of well-being necessary to further your desired practices.
  • Develop an awareness of the body’s breathing processes and learn the methods to make the breathing deeper and slower to have the Qi and oxygen flow abundantly.
  • Learn methods of active meditation to gain the upper hand over galloping, random thoughts, learning to control and stop them at will.

The course is offered as a 6 hour long seminar, provided once a month. Following will be a practice class to enhance acquired skills.

First seminar date is Jan 19. 2018. Further details will be announced. Early registration welcome. Please visit the Events page to subscribe to our newsletter for current info. This method of working with the mind could be part of your Be Well Sessions if you request so.

The fee for the course is $17/hour or $580 if paid in full at the start of the course.

Unleash the true power of your brain: How does this training work?

Let’s think now about our intellectual potential and the brain itself. Our brain constantly needs a supply of oxygen, and in fact it uses around 70% of the body’s total oxygen supply. If our level of oxygen is lower, we tend to start experiencing random thoughts, a lack of focus and loss of concentration. Think for a moment of yourself in a long conference with many people. In this situation, you could massage your neck to stop from yawning. But remember, that yawn was really your brain asking for more oxygen.

The Qi Gong practice is about deepening and slowing down the rhythm of your breathing to increase the oxygen supply. In addition, specific exercises can loosen up the muscles of the neck to allow for more blood to flow to the brain. Additional blood flow means an increase in your oxygen levels and an increase in your brain’s intellectual effectiveness.

Increased Qi/oxygen flow creates the conditions for your brain to work at its best, yet this would not automatically cut out harassing and distracting thoughts. For that, we need to train the brain on how to get clear of such thoughts and stay that way. Active meditation techniques, which are part of the training, can provide the know-how and willpower to keep a clear and focused state of mind.

I hope this will help with the first step of training your mind, which is: “the rule of smiling”

When making yourself ready for the next big achievement,

please do not forget to put the joy of achieving

in your backpack

and wrap it in a smile.

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