Considering the "Be Well" Program or a Shiatsu session?
Free introductory meetings are available.

Two locations are available for your convenience:

Integrated Fitness Studio

Holsome Teas & Herbs

Meetup with Healing Touch Healing Movement

Tue Sep 26
Venue: Baldpate Mountain / Strawberry Hill Mansion

Qi Gong in the Mountain

Take a mini vacation every week.

Enjoy the exceptionally strong energy flow of Baldpate Mountain.

Tuesday’s 6:00 -7:30 pm

General class to help you to discover the benefits of Qi Gong. First timers are welcome. Please RSVP

Friday’s 10 :30 – 12 am

Dragon Qi Gong. Youths and families are welcome.

Surprise your teachers with more focus, concentration and improvement in intellectual creativity.

Special invitation for school teachers to give them a personal experience, how does the Dragon Qi Gong work? and pass the experience on their students. Please RSVP

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