I had to suspend our Meetup Qi Gong meetings. They will be back as a different learning formula, asap.

In the mean time, I offer semi-personal, small Qi Gong classes. Arranged to answer the personal needs of students, they offer the benefits of personal training with a significant reduction of fees. Contact me directly to learn more.

Thinking of Shiatsu Session?

Two locations are available for your convenience:

Integrated Fitness Studio
Holsome Teas & Herbs

Looking for a Shiatsu session in NYC? Contact Kumiko at The Five Lights Center of Shiatsu Studies. She is just great. -Andrzej

Qi Gong Training

My biggest thanks for all who have participated in the Lawrence Library Qi Gong. Hope you all found it not only helpful and useful, but fun too. I enjoyed that class very much.

Please stay in touch, I am working on a possibility to meet you all again.

Dragon Qi Gong

Youths and families are welcome.

Take advantage of our special offer for Personal Dragon Qi Gong Training.

Surprise your teachers with more focus, concentration and improvement in intellectual creativity. Special invitation for school teachers as they can in person experience how the Dragon Qi Gong works and pass the experience on their students.

Currently, the program is offered as a one-on-one private training. Contact Andrzej for training possibilities.

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Focus, Concentration, Intellectual Creativity...

and a Healthy Body, too.

Our training program employs Qi Gong techniques to stop compulsive stressful thoughts, and instead learn to enjoy a clear thought process and sense of focus, free from obstacles. Release your natural, uninhibited creativity and concentration.

The course is offered as a 6 hour long seminar, provided once a month. Following will be a practice class to enhance acquired skills.

First seminar date is Jan 19. 2018. Further details will be announced. Early registration welcome. Please subscribe below to receive our newsletter containing current info.

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