Dragon Qi Gong

This is the Qi Gong training designed to work on and develop increased focus, extended concentration as well as intellectual creativity. In addition, participants will experience improvements in body posture, flexibility and a strengthened stress resistance.

The training is oriented to students and young people, but anybody seeking to clear their heads and improve their body’s functioning is welcome. For a family, practicing together could a very fun experience!

Our emotional states grow over our entire lives, and I would like to explore that area as an opportunity to stop it from receiving negative build up. Especially young people who are still in the process of learning and growing in the world need our help. Being young, they have yet had fewer opportunities to gain the strength and experience to cope with difficult situations. It takes time and hard work to develop internal strength and resistance to stress, something even mature individuals can have difficulty dealing with.

Qi Gong training can gently restore the balance between emotions, support, positivity in one's thinking and acting, while developing a strong, healthy body.

Currently, the program is offered as a one-on-one private training. Contact Andrzej for training possibilities. This program is a part of our Preventing Addiction Qi Gong Initiative.

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