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Andrzej practicing Qi Gong


Andrzej’s passion is to share with others the experience of wellness that comes from restoring one’s connection to the natural world and to one’s inherent energetic blueprint. His intense interest in healing arose from his own positive experiences with Qi Gong and Zen meditation in overcoming personal health challenges. His goal of self-healing eventually expanded to a desire to help others, leading to study at the Ohashiatsu Institute in New York. 20+ years of facilitating healing and wellness through Shiatsu and Qi Gong have led Andrzej to incorporate, but move beyond a deep knowledge of physical and energetic anatomy to a highly intuitive awareness of energy. Each individual session is customized: He assesses the client’s unique energetic structure, as well as physical issues. Techniques from many different energetic healing traditions are used to address energy blockages and distortions, and to introduce more beneficial patterns. Sessions include not only hands on treatment, but also guidance as to specific energetic exercises that support the individual client’s health needs.

Andrzej believes that many of today’s health problems are related to a disconnection with nature, causing distorted energy patterns that ultimately translate into physical complaints. Noting common health challenges that are affecting many of his clients, he has developed special Shiatsu and Qi Gong classes that are organized around specific themes. 

 Please specify which program you are interested in. What are your needs and expectations? That will allow me to support your journey to health with the best of my knowledge and experience. -Andrzej

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