Car, no stopping.

My car once died on the way to my destination. It would only go very slow, a bit more pressure on the gas pedal and the engine would stop. It took forever to get to the mechanic’s place, but the diagnosis was quick - the gas line was clogged, gas filter and some other elements had to be replaced.

That situation has come to my mind when thinking of Shiatsu and the energetic healing process. Imagine the engine is a one of body’s internal organs, requiring energy for healthy functioning, and the gas line is a meridian, conducting the energy to supply the organ.

Does the story work for you? Or would it be easier to think of the organs of the body as plants of the garden, and meridians as hoses supplying them water. Both parallels are true, representing different ways of understanding energy flow. They both have this thing in common, the car’s gas line and water hose are there to insure the continuous flow required to maintain the healthy function.

Let’s get back to the water hose for a while. Dirt accumulated inside the hose can obstruct the water flow. With a finger’s pressure applied to the hose you would be able to sense the obstacle. That holds true in the case of meridians and acupuncture points. At the time of a Shiatsu session, the practitioner probes all vital points and meridians. They will know when any of them is blocked and immediately release the blockage.

If my car had a fuel filter replaced in time, I would have avoided all this drama and failure on the road. Energetic blockages exist far earlier than physical illness or ailments. If released in time, the possible buildup of physical discomfort is gone before it starts growing - no dramatic situation, just proper maintenance.

The practitioner will observe when a point’s energetic status changes over time, and apply a proper maintenance routine. Sometimes, even a little change in the diet, or exercise specific for the problem, will be suggested to enhance a healing effect of a session, providing functional prevention and maintenance.

Winter. All of nature is hibernating and ready for the cold snow is accompanying gray days and long nights. Notice that as part of nature, we are reacting to the season in our own body and mind.

Someone just asked me “Usually I keep my home clean and neat, why it is so messy now?” It’s a typical winter situation. Much of your life energy is engaged in maintaining your body temperature and immune system. Not much is left for daily activities. This energy shortage affects your emotions. It is common during winter to feel fatigued mentally, lonely, and easily frustrated. Missing is summer’s joy and enthusiasm.  I call these winter symptoms, Winter Demons. It is easier to conquer the winter demons knowing they will be gone with the Spring. But just waiting is not good enough.

There are many QI Gong & Shiatsu ways to energize and be well over winter.

Try something!  Here’s a quick QI Gong Solution to rebuild the energy and feel better. Sit comfortable and bend slightly forward. With the knuckles of both hands rub the big muscles of your lower back up and down. Rub (rather strongly) or massage with force, you really want to feel the warmth. Now bend your elbows and place your hands on your lower back. Sweep your hands around your side to the front of your stomach and then push your hands away from your body. This takes the stagnant energy and releases it. Repeat this whole process at least three times or until you feel warmer. Next lightly and quickly scratch the same back area with the edges of your nails. After scratching, sweep again. Final step is to place your open hands over the lower back (Kidney area) and enjoy the flow of warming positive energy. This also works also great with the” three o’clock slump” which becomes more pronounced during winter.

A great way to feel good is to treat yourself. Experience something more warm, caring and comforting for winter with a Shiatsu session. This will be your answer for the winter blues' symptoms. 

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A 10 minute daily anti-stress routine for everyone.

  • Are you experiencing Emotional and Physical tensions caused by long hours at the computer screen or behind a desk?
  • Do you notice that, on some days, turning your head is more difficult on the drive home from work?
  • Does your lower back react to suddenly raising up from a chair or picking something up from the floor? It is different by the end of a day?
  • Is walking up and down the steps more difficult some days than the others? Do you notice it get worse after prolonged emotional tension?

All of the above are signs that everyday stress and emotional discomforts are getting into your muscular system, and left unaddressed could in time result in other ailments.

Three Step Qi Gong is a chance to stop the process. It consists of three exercises, which can be performed in 10 minutes, and will keep you well. The secret to Qi Gong's effectiveness lies in the way the exercises are performed. You will learn these techniques over the course of the Three Step Qi Gong class. Personal Qi Gong training is also available for those who prefer a more individual rhythm.

Classes available - Early registration is appreciated.
Saturdays 9:30 – 11:00 am Fee - $25

Location 178 Tamarack Circle, Montgomery Knoll 08558 NJ

Healing Touch Healing Movement also offers personal QI Gong training. Together we will create a routine which best fits your needs and expectations while you practice them with Andrzej’s supervision. Adding Qi Gong will enhance your Healing Touch Shiatsu sessions. Personal training available by appointment. Personal training fee - $75/hour

For more information and to register for classes contact Andrzej at 609-742-3140 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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