An energetic understanding of our body’s internal dynamics can provide early insight into maintaining a healthy emotional balance – the upsetting of that balance is at the heart of mind or body ailments.

To prevent addiction – a truly intriguing question and one worthy of finding an answer for. One cigarette does not necessarily lead to a smoking habit. The same is true for the occasional drink. Yet for some, the first try of reality-changing substances is the beginning of an addictive path. Our western chemical and technological medicine tries to find the answer, and though they help somewhat, it is mostly on a surface level. The same is true of psychology - helping, but solely on basic emotional grounds. Both methods of treatment enter the game when an addiction already exists, which is already late by energetic healing standards. They are reactions to the effects of addiction often long after the causes of addiction have taken up root in a patient’s body and mind.

The energetic wisdom of Chinese Medicine included in the Qi Gong practice connects our emotions with specific organs of the body to organize our physical and mental health into one system. If we look at the attached diagram, it quickly becomes clear that one emotion influences the others, with these relationships sometimes supporting and sometimes controlling another emotion’s development.

The kidneys of our body are associated with the emotion of fear. As we all have kidneys, we also all have the potential of experiencing this emotion. Fear is in us to warn against dangerous situations and unsound decisions. Most people have a strong enough kidney energy to live comfortably, embracing their fears as their lives progress. Yet not everyone is so lucky. Those who are born with weaker kidney energy are often inclined to give into their fears, often experience them for no apparent reason. Such a person lives on the edge of fear, not realizing what’s going on. Through our net of interconnected emotions, fear affects all other emotions to influence one’s thoughts and actions. We do not have many social outlets nor enough proper education on emotional understanding to allow sharing and exchanging of such information on our internal states. Such a person is left on their own or, even worse, falls prey to social expectation like “Men don’t cry, don’t be a chicken,” and so on. This causes even more damage, causing one to withdraw into our imaginary world where thinking that reaching for chemical substances will solve such internal problems. This is just one example, but imbalanced energy can effect every one of our organs, leading to emotional troubles.

In Qi Gong, we explore the connection between organs and emotions. This offers a possibility for changing the functioning of an organ to change its associated emotion. The liver in Chinese medicine is responsible for tendons, ligaments and muscle strength. The liver is also home to the emotion of anger. Therefore, practicing Qi Gong designed to release tension from one’s physical body will allow for the release of pent-up anger. In a similar way, Qi Gong also provides exercise for every organ, allowing for emotional balance and a feeling of internal integrity.

When something is threatening, we want to hide and hold our breath so that nobody will hear us. When we are about to cry, breathing is fast and shallow. If such a situation happens too often, the body will tense up and remain in that stressed mode of breathing. Over time, this restricts the amount of oxygen we take in, causing the brain to produce more fears, doubts, and uncertainties which further damage our emotional balance. Qi Gong recognizes this process and provides a method of training to restore our original, healthy breathing patterns.

There is yet one more element to be taken under consideration. The mind – the compilation of habits, memories, and thinking patterns which we create in response to social pressures and our external environment. The wisdom of Taoism recognized that mechanism more than two thousand years ago and have created systems of active meditation to face and transform it. These techniques should be included in a person’s Qi Gong practice to achieve internal peace, balance, and maintaining a healthy distance from the stresses of our everyday challenges.

Combined in Qi Gong training are those elements which allow us to smooth out our emotional flow and create a healthy distance from life’s obstacles. The knowledge and experience gained over the course of the training creates authentic self-confidence, willpower, and the courage to act on it. This includes achieving control over one’s internal emotions, external actions, and the elimination of harassing thought loops and nagging worries. A low kidney energy person, for example, will be able to act positively, to not succumb to the flow of external influences, and to keep their internal negativity in check.

The goal of this article is not to provide specific exercise examples, but an insight into why they are. As whole, important to our bodily and mental health. Qi Gong training requires experienced guiding as every person has different energetic dynamics which need to be approached accordingly.

General Understanding

When people are teenagers, their bodies, most importantly their brains, are still developing. With proper support, they can grow in the right direction to create lifelong positive attitudes, internal peace, and the strength to take on life's challenges.

But what really is proper support? We have a counseling system, yet it mainly involves seeking those like parents or teachers for help. [let me know if you would like me to change the wording here] What I would suggest is a system that embraces everybody, proactively supporting all needs. Just as we have math or history classes, why not have a class to balance our emotions, teaching students how to understand and deal with their emotional state and to be able to cope with difficulties in life in a positive way.

The Cup Full of Anger

Imagine a cup of dirty water, with the water representing our anger. We all, in our youth and from our youth onwards, have it. Any time we get angry, a few drops of emotion land in the cup. There are so many occasions to get angry, no wonder after a while that the cup is filled to the brim. Once this happens, incidents that trigger anger are still happening, and the cup begins to overflow, causing us to be angry for no reason. It is then that the cup is easy to tip over and cause anger to flow out uncontrollably, damaging the individual and even their environment.

Facing that possibility of anger accumulating, some people will reach out for support, yet unfortunately some will also reach only for the relief of drugs.

Clearing the Anger Cup

Coming back to our imaginary cup. Seeing it full, constantly letting droplets fall out, and life gets more difficult every day that anger dominates an individual. So, what is there to do?

Qi Gong philosophy offers a few possible ways to approach this age-old problem. In this program, no forceful methods are used. Our Anger Cup, to further the metaphor, will have clear water added to it until it is no longer dirty and overflowing. In practice, this means actively developing positivity instead of just suppressing our negativity. To put it simply: "do not fight with impatience, but instead practice patience to overcome it."

It might seem slow-acting, and indeed spectacular effects will not manifest immediately. Yet, over time, drop by drop the clear water will mix with what was in the cup before. Time is a necessary component to develop the patience necessary to see our results improve.

Slow Down

In Yin Qi Gong, we practice movements which are extremely slow, and are difficult to follow and hold for an extended time. This method improves coordination, muscle strength, and the flexibility of our bodies. It requires concentration, focus, and determination, leaving no room for any outside thought. Rhythmic movement combined with deep breathing stabilize the brain, bringing up a positive and peaceful state of mind which supports energetic balance, bringing out gentleness, kindness, joy, and compassion. All of those are drops of positivity that dissolve the accumulated negativity in a student's Anger Cup. With every class, this training helps them speed up that balancing process.

Coming Out from Addiction

We are in a constant state of maintaining healthy energetic balance. Working with individuals in recovery is a challenge without tools to support good balance. Qi Gong supports and improves the person’s ability to respond positively to the medical techniques practiced in a rehabilitation routine. An active Qi Gong practice can enhance a person’s self-esteem and will power to achieve a successful recovery. The internal energetic balance developed with Qi Gong stabilizes a person’s emotional ups and downs to diminish the chance of a return to drugs for emotional support.

Once a successful recovery process is underway, a person is still subject to internal struggles. A continuous practice of Qi Gong is a tool which provides help when it is needed the most. An individual trained in Qi Gong can reach for it on their own, but participating in continuous Qi Gong classes helps reinforce the techniques and benefits. As life and time challenges our good will and determination to stay well, Qi Gong practice needs to be readily accessible for meeting those challenges.

We all know this wonderful story. The Prince went for a journey, at some point he met a mysterious frog, kissed her and after her transformation they become happiest couple of the world.

Ok, I like it too, but I can see some alternatives to it.

He was on his long search for love and happiness. Being tired, hungry, craving for somebody as he was traveling alone, he heard a voice. Soothing, comforting, attractive the voice was all that he was missing. He didn’t care that she was a frog.  He kissed her because he knew the story of a beauty hiding in a frog shape.

What followed will be by your choice:

A.     When he kissed her she transformed into a beautiful princess and they lived together happily ever after.

B.     He was so tired that he falls asleep before the transforming kissing. When he awakens he hears her talking yet this time to another Prince.

C.      When he kissed her she transformed in to crocodile and the Prince is no more.

D.     None of these ring the bell, so make up your own.

Now we know that choices are good, especially when we are happy with the ones we make.


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An amazing new music app has just appeared on the market. Typical musical apps just play music created by composers and performed by musician. This one is different. The software seems to read your mind; it recognizes what kind of music you would like to listen to and creates it on the spot. It is almost as if you yourself was composer and musician creating and playing the most private music for yourself. The music responds to your thoughts, feelings, dreams and resonates all over your body. When your mood is changing, the music is changing too. Phenomenal.  What could be better? All you need is the download. 

In the world of technology and mass production there is always something  the manufacturer doesn’t tell you. Medical drugs have side effects, foods contain health threatening chemicals,in the case of their magical music app there is also such a trick. The software is so big that it gradually uses all the space necessary for the other phone functions. It grows bigger every time you use it and drains your cell phone’s power. The app doesn’t tell, you only learn through use.  It is not a nice surprise, when you want to call somebody and your cellphone doesn’t work, but chances are it may happen to you.

What’s the conclusion? Could that software accepting process be compared to stepping into little by little an addiction? Will you install the magic music app? Now, when you know the side effects, you can give the idea a second thought. Conceptualize that technology/addiction gets ahold of us even though we think we are in control.

Perhaps we need to build the tools that keep our decisions clear to decide what best serves us and our community.  Qi Gong is a practice that develops good boundaries and balance for decisions we have in front of us. It  requires one to slow down, when one slow down the experience is deeper , thoughtful and nourishing. Within your own community, slow down enough to provide that energetic connection and  sharing that allows decisions  to engage  building positive experiences together.  

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Artist Credit James Yang

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