This is the Qi Gong training designed to work on and develop increased focus, extended concentration as well as intellectual creativity. In addition, participants will experience improvements in body posture, flexibility and a strengthened stress resistance.

The training is oriented to students and young people, but anybody seeking to clear their heads and improve their body’s functioning is welcome. For a family, practicing together could a very fun experience!

Our emotional states grow over our entire lives, and I would like to explore that area as an opportunity to stop it from receiving negative build up. Especially young people who are still in the process of learning and growing in the world need our help. Being young, they have yet had fewer opportunities to gain the strength and experience to cope with difficult situations. It takes time and hard work to develop internal strength and resistance to stress, something even mature individuals can have difficulty dealing with.

Qi Gong training can gently restore the balance between emotions, support, positivity in one's thinking and acting, while developing a strong, healthy body.

Currently, the program is offered as a one-on-one private training. Contact Andrzej for training possibilities. This program is a part of our Preventing Addiction Qi Gong Initiative.

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Preventing Addictions: How it is possible with Qi Gong

Qi Gong for Addiction Prevention and Recovery 

Our training program employs Qi Gong techniques to stop compulsive stressful thoughts, and instead learn to enjoy a clear thought process and sense of focus, free from obstacles. Release your natural, uninhibited creativity and concentration.

How many times have you been in a situation when a project deadline is looming and you try to work on it, but the concentration necessary for your task is gone and instead your mind is projecting obstructive, stressful scenarios that block your other thoughts?

In that situation, the brain is idling and wasting its potential by instead producing distracting thoughts which overshadow your concentration. Our training program employs Qi Gong techniques to stop these compulsive stressful thoughts and to instead learn to enjoy a clear thought process and sense of focus that is free from obstacles to release your natural, uninhibited creativity and concentration.

The participants of this course will:

  • Practice Qi Gong exercises to keep the body healthy and keep Qi energy flowing and abundant. Smooth flow of Qi provides the overall sense of well-being necessary to further your desired practices.
  • Develop an awareness of the body’s breathing processes and learn the methods to make the breathing deeper and slower to have the Qi and oxygen flow abundantly.
  • Learn methods of active meditation to gain the upper hand over galloping, random thoughts, learning to control and stop them at will.

The course is offered as a 6 hour long seminar, provided once a month. Following will be a practice class to enhance acquired skills.

First seminar date is Jan 19. 2018. Further details will be announced. Early registration welcome. Please visit the Events page to subscribe to our newsletter for current info. This method of working with the mind could be part of your Be Well Sessions if you request so.

The fee for the course is $17/hour or $580 if paid in full at the start of the course.

Unleash the true power of your brain: How does this training work?

Let’s think now about our intellectual potential and the brain itself. Our brain constantly needs a supply of oxygen, and in fact it uses around 70% of the body’s total oxygen supply. If our level of oxygen is lower, we tend to start experiencing random thoughts, a lack of focus and loss of concentration. Think for a moment of yourself in a long conference with many people. In this situation, you could massage your neck to stop from yawning. But remember, that yawn was really your brain asking for more oxygen.

The Qi Gong practice is about deepening and slowing down the rhythm of your breathing to increase the oxygen supply. In addition, specific exercises can loosen up the muscles of the neck to allow for more blood to flow to the brain. Additional blood flow means an increase in your oxygen levels and an increase in your brain’s intellectual effectiveness.

Increased Qi/oxygen flow creates the conditions for your brain to work at its best, yet this would not automatically cut out harassing and distracting thoughts. For that, we need to train the brain on how to get clear of such thoughts and stay that way. Active meditation techniques, which are part of the training, can provide the know-how and willpower to keep a clear and focused state of mind.

I hope this will help with the first step of training your mind, which is: “the rule of smiling”

When making yourself ready for the next big achievement,

please do not forget to put the joy of achieving

in your backpack

and wrap it in a smile.

It will be much easier to approach life’s circumstances from a positive mindset and more of each day will be spent in a peaceful, joyful mood. You will find yourself more energized for the day, more productive at work, more understanding as a parent, and you will be able to better appreciate the joy and love which we give and receive in our daily activities. As the transformation process continues, you will experience many physical health issues lessening, as well as an increase in your emotional health to more easily navigate life’s stormy waters.

The big mystery of Qi Gong is still to be explored and practiced. Its specific movements, coordinated with the natural rhythm of one’s breathing, and practiced with many repetitions, improve the Qi energy flow throughout the body, causing spontaneous energetic healing of internal organ and systems. At the same time, the relaxed, trance – like mental state which appears to help to calm the ever-wandering thoughts of the receiver, and to pacify or release disturbed or stressful emotions move us into a better frame of mind. Qi Gong is a result of thousands of years of development. It started in China even before the New Testament was written, from the Taoist understanding of the importance of cultivating one’s body to live healthfully. A healthy body with a smooth energy flow supports emotional balance and gives us the mental strength to deal with life’s challenges, which is a step towards a rich spiritual life. Qi Gong training is a step towards a fulfilled, happy life.

Yin Qi Gong challenges your focus, concentration, and coordination while helping to achieve a clear, undisturbed state of mind. As you practice, joint flexibility will improve, your muscles will gain strength, and your whole posture restores itself to that of one’s youth. Aside from that, you also develop the ability to move energy along the body’s Meridians to promote healing for the internal organs and systems. As the energy begins to flow well, your emotional balance will start improving. Your emotional self-awareness, confidence and ability to keep the upper hands over your emotions will increase. It will be much easier to approach life’s circumstances from a positive mindset and more of each day will be spent in a peaceful, joyful mood. When less energy is wasted on the negative aspects of life, you will find yourself more energized for the day, more productive in the work, more understanding as a parent, and so on – simply, we will be able to better appreciate the joy and love which we give and receive in our daily activities. The training begins from an introductory level and is available as an ongoing class.

As the transformation process continues, you will experience many physical health issues lessening as well as an increase in your emotional health to more easily navigate life’s stormy waters. All that’s needed to get there is continuous practice.

Yin QI Gong Certification training

High flow of Qi acquired through training will keep your days energized and awake your natural healing instincts and abilities. If you decide to pursue these, we can offer training to get you there. You may become a Yin Qi Gong Certified Instructor and be able to share your feelings and knowledge with others. The training will be offered in the form of seminars presenting necessary understanding and advanced practice. To make you best prepared for your future students, certification training takes a minimum of 160 hours.

Specific information on the Yin Qi Gong can be obtained through a personal meeting with Andrzej which covers the organizational and financial aspects of the practice.

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The Word Qi Gong translates into” the Art of Qi” 

A spectrum of paths and methods to foster wellbeing and longevity integrated in the form of individual sessions. Working one-on-one with the instructor at around two hours each week, the sessions will:

    • Improve and conserve the physical health, reduce existing tensions and discomforts.
    • Enable one to practice the art of balancing emotions to eliminate the sources of stress.
    • Cultivate your mind to develop desired mind qualities such as feel strong and positive, being self-confident in difficult situations and day-to-day life.

Services offered

Individual one-on-one Qi Gong training

At that session, you are learning and practicing Qi Gong exercise to support your wellbeing and alleviate existing health issues. Qi Gong Exercise embraces many of them and give a great chance to actively work for your goodness.

Single session fee is $65 and it last one hour. If your progress requires more time you can buy 4 sessions at the time and save $50.

Visit our blog to learn more what Qigong can do for you or contact us to discuss your needs and expectations.


Read our blog Nurturing Your Body to see how the Shiatsu works and what it can do for you.

One-hour Shiatsu session

One-hour sessions are restorative as they focus on help existing specific health ailments.

The session fee is $75

One and half hour Shiatsu sessions.

This are whole body session, they work on improvement of specific ailments and build the person’s ability to relax and be well by improving the Life Energy – Qi flow. All kinds of benefits the energetic healing can offer received in a comfortable and supportive ways.

Session Fee is $105. Buy 3 sessions and save $60

Be Well integrated session

“Be well” sessions combine Shiatsu gently touch with physical and meditative practice of QI Gong and power of meditations all customized to the receiver needs and expectations. Once a week, two-hour long session. In cooperation with the Instructor you create your goals and work on them. Being “all-in-one “this program is perfect for busy people who still want to take care of them.

The session fee is $130 Buy 4 sessions and save $90

Our blogs provide a lot of understanding of offered services, please read them before you make any decision. You may also email me directly requesting specific information.

All sessions are by appointment only. Click to email your request for specific information. Or call/text Andrzej 609 742 3140

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