What does frog kissing have to do with being well?

We all know this wonderful story. The Prince went for a journey, at some point he met a mysterious frog, kissed her and after her transformation they become happiest couple of the world.

Ok, I like it too, but I can see some alternatives to it.

He was on his long search for love and happiness. Being tired, hungry, craving for somebody as he was traveling alone, he heard a voice. Soothing, comforting, attractive the voice was all that he was missing. He didn’t care that she was a frog.  He kissed her because he knew the story of a beauty hiding in a frog shape.

What followed will be by your choice:

A.     When he kissed her she transformed into a beautiful princess and they lived together happily ever after.

B.     He was so tired that he falls asleep before the transforming kissing. When he awakens he hears her talking yet this time to another Prince.

C.      When he kissed her she transformed in to crocodile and the Prince is no more.

D.     None of these ring the bell, so make up your own.

Now we know that choices are good, especially when we are happy with the ones we make.


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