Car, no stopping.

Meditation on Mechanics and Meridians

My car once died on the way to my destination. It would only go very slow, a bit more pressure on the gas pedal and the engine would stop. It took forever to get to the mechanic’s place, but the diagnosis was quick - the gas line was clogged, gas filter and some other elements had to be replaced.

That situation has come to my mind when thinking of Shiatsu and the energetic healing process. Imagine the engine is a one of body’s internal organs, requiring energy for healthy functioning, and the gas line is a meridian, conducting the energy to supply the organ.

Does the story work for you? Or would it be easier to think of the organs of the body as plants of the garden, and meridians as hoses supplying them water. Both parallels are true, representing different ways of understanding energy flow. They both have this thing in common, the car’s gas line and water hose are there to insure the continuous flow required to maintain the healthy function.

Let’s get back to the water hose for a while. Dirt accumulated inside the hose can obstruct the water flow. With a finger’s pressure applied to the hose you would be able to sense the obstacle. That holds true in the case of meridians and acupuncture points. At the time of a Shiatsu session, the practitioner probes all vital points and meridians. They will know when any of them is blocked and immediately release the blockage.

If my car had a fuel filter replaced in time, I would have avoided all this drama and failure on the road. Energetic blockages exist far earlier than physical illness or ailments. If released in time, the possible buildup of physical discomfort is gone before it starts growing - no dramatic situation, just proper maintenance.

The practitioner will observe when a point’s energetic status changes over time, and apply a proper maintenance routine. Sometimes, even a little change in the diet, or exercise specific for the problem, will be suggested to enhance a healing effect of a session, providing functional prevention and maintenance.

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