A Christmas Eve Story

The year 2001 was not the greatest year of my life. Christmas arrived meeting me short in the money department and I mean truly short! Even buying the mass communication ticket to join my friends for Christmas Eve celebration wasn’t something I could afford, not to mention little gifts for others in my life. So, you can only do what you can do, I decided to celebrate a Christmas Eve alone, just by myself.

The evening of Christmas brought a truly abundant falling of snow. Big, slow falling snow flakes, quiet air without any trace of a wind, stillness and quietness. After a while of watching the beauty out the window, I decided to venture out for a walk. Heavy winter boots, warm clothing, and soon I’m ready to go.

It was even more amazing outside! No traffic on the streets, no people outside and that overwhelming silence a thick blanket of snow brings. Lights radiate from the windows of homes, sometimes even the colorful magnetic lights of a Christmas tree.  So I walk and walk and walk, the charm of a Christmas Eve possessing me fully. Nothing but a step by step walk and wonderful energy embracing the word.

I didn’t know how the time passed or how far I had stepped into the magic of Christmas.  I missed that there are fewer lights on in the windows. Suddenly the awakening that is was well after midnight and I was about six or seven miles away from home. Feeling tired already how thought, how long will I spend to get back?

So within a moment doubt and regret, I thought the charm of Christmas has abandoned me, leaving me when I needed help the most. But it was just a short moment, out from nowhere there comes a city bus. Out of service, with all the inside lights on the driver stopped and asked where I was heading? Traveling in the luxury of warmth, full of light the bus driver had me home just minutes later.

It took a while before the realization came - that’s the Christmas walk is a story of my whole life. When I’m in genuine trouble there is always some help, some new, unexpected chance. The spirit of Christmas Eve is still here, taking care, supporting, helping.

May the Christmas spirit stay with me and  extend help for all who may have bad moments of life to walk through.

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