Thoughts on Fall

I woke up this morning with some slight feelings of sadness. Nothing major, just a little hint of it. Is that the sign of summer coming to the end? Perhaps. There will be no more days full of sun and water at the shore; cold beer and hot barbecue will have to wait to taste great until July next year. Good bye. Will see you again.

The reign of Fall is coming. Time to clean and reorganize the storage space, make room for winter supplies, think how and what should we accumulate to survive until the spring.

Sure I know, the nearby supermarket will feed me fresh strawberries all year long; there is no more need for storing potatoes in the basement. But the instincts of survival are not changing as fast as the technology progresses. My body and mind are reacting to incoming seasonal change as they have been doing for thousands of years, for every human being in existence.

I like the fall. There is some stillness and steadiness in the air. Bit by bit the summer rush is losing its edges, lush all-overwhelming spring green is growing yellow and red. In Chinese health philosophy the organ Fall is associated with is the lungs, and that leads to many more associations. Connections and boundaries are the first to come to mind. We are all breathing the same air. No matter where we live, no matter what we do, we need the same air to stay alive. The air is the element that connects and treats all of us equally.

Just imagine entering somebody's house. On the first breath you would know, somebody in there smokes. The smoker is saying, ""I'm here, that is my territory, like it or not."" By this they are clearly marking their personal boundaries, unfortunately in the process they are contaminating our commonly held and precious air.

That's an extreme example, but in the fall we may find ourselves more aware of our personal space. The space we physically live in and emotional interactions in relation to others tend toward a more independent attitude. It may happen just because the fall is here, not because there is anything wrong with us. And one more thing we may find ourselves aware of, as I mentioned in the beginning: the little sadness growing from awareness of passing seasons and years. In the daily rush, moments like that can bring new, bigger perspectives to life, making it more meaningful than the grind of production and consuming.

Understanding the emotional aspect of the Fall season is very important, yet there is more to understand through physical health. The beginning of the fall season has marked itself with running noses, scratching throats and colds.

There comes a question, why do some people have a lot of those while the other have almost none? I bet in your social circle you know people of both types. Well, immunity is the first answer, but actually it calls for further questioning. Why is my immunity is not as good as my husbands? Is there anything to do to enhance it?

There are many ways. Dominating is our "pill way" and shelves everywhere are full of diet supplements and other pill-like remedies. Taking them may help, yet we have to carefully read the small print and focus on the list of side effects.

Let's look at it from energetic health point of view. Sinuses, throat and lungs are connected in one system which supports the body with oxygen. Such an important system. If Qi energy flows smoothly through all of them we are just well. Energy flow creates an energetic immunity shield by enhancing the organs and making them more able to resist colds, viruses and other fall factors.

Enjoy the Fall, the very special time of the year.

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