Whether your quest is limited to the alleviation of annoying aches and pains, or arises from an intention to lay the foundation for a lifelong practice, we are here to mentor you by offering Qi Gong classes, individualized shiatsu sessions, and other health supporting programs.

I Invite you to click any of the links below to learn about them. If necessary request an emailed package explaining available programs and we can discuss what health supporting methods would work best for you . Andrzej

Personal Wellness

Shiatsu, Qi Gong and more…

A spectrum of paths and methods to foster wellbeing and longevity integrated in the form of individual sessions. Working one-on-one with the instructor at around two hours each week, the sessions will:

  • Improve and conserve the physical health, reduce existing tensions and discomforts.
  • Enable one to practice the art of balancing emotions to eliminate the sources of stress.
  • Cultivate your mind to develop desired mind qualities such as feel strong and positive, being self-confident in difficult situations and day-to-day life.

Yin Qi Gong. The Life Transforming Practice.

It will be much easier to approach life’s circumstances from a positive mindset and more of each day will be spent in a peaceful, joyful mood. You will find yourself more energized for the day, more productive at work, more understanding as a parent, and you will be able to better appreciate the joy and love which we give and receive in our daily activities.

As the transformation process continues, you will experience many physical health issues lessening, as well as an increase in your emotional health to more easily navigate life’s stormy waters.


Dragon Qi Gong

This is the Qi Gong training designed to work on and develop increased focus, extended concentration as well as intellectual creativity. In addition, participants will experience improvements in body posture, flexibility and a strengthened stress resistance.

The training is oriented to students and young people, but anybody seeking to clear their heads and improve their body’s functioning is welcome. For a family, practicing together could a very fun experience!


Focus, Concentration, Intellectual Creativity... and a Healthy Body, too.

Our training program employs Qi Gong techniques to stop compulsive stressful thoughts, and instead learn to enjoy a clear thought process and sense of focus, free from obstacles. Release your natural, uninhibited creativity and concentration.


Qi Gong for Addiction Recovery.

More than anyone, those recovering from addiction are vulnerable to life's challenges. This program would offer training to ensure they are in a place of care, where strengthening their willpower can continue. This program is intended to support efforts that rehabilitation centres use to help people get back on healthy paths in life.

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“Transportation Maintenance” Qi Gong for Knees, Hips and other Aching Joints.

This class counters progressing deterioration, improves one’s ability to walk, helps with getting up and sitting down, and climbing up the stairs.


The Story of the Tree


A small sapling, just three or four feet tall, beautiful in its external shape, a young tree full of happiness and joy. It grows, enjoys the wetness of the rain, the smell of the wet earth, and the warmth of the sun's rays caressing its branches.

But something just happened. Life has attached something directly to the tip of the tree. Perhaps a rope, with the other end anchored in the earth, pulling the tree to the side. As the tree grows and grows, the rope causes it to grow tilting to its side. Gone is the joy and happiness - all growing strength is absorbed in the fight to grow against the rope.

Yet, it is a lucky day: the tree has just found a way to break free from its restraints. Freely it now sways from side to side. Sometimes the movement is rapid and wild as it learns its new sense of freedom. After enough swaying, the tree is now stronger, bigger, older, and more mature. And more than ever it truly enjoys the wetness of the rain, the feeling of the earth, and the sun's rays warming its growth. Life.

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