Healing Touch Healing Movement is here to Mentor You!

Whether your quest is to alleviate annoying aches and pains, or arises with the intention to lay the foundation for lifelong practice.

Supporting your health is a personal process that relies on energetic connection, mutual understanding, and trust. I invite you to actively join the process to provide a you with a path to a healthier, happier life. To support this I offer Qi Gong classes, individualized Shiatsu sessions, and additional health supporting possibilities.

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Be Well Personal Wellness

This program is based in Shiatsu, Qi Gong, and other healing modalities, combined for comprehensive healing of individual’s and for addressing specific health ailments.

Shiatsu is a method of working with one’s body with the aim of achieving a stage of great health and internal well-being. Well beyond traditional concepts of massage, it offers a high level of personalization as each session works in response to the current stage of a patient’s health to lessen pre-existing ailments and to create a sense of relaxation which is often deeper than one might expect.

Yin Qi Gong. The Life Transforming Practice.

It will be much easier to approach life’s circumstances from a positive mindset and more of each day will be spent in a peaceful, joyful mood. You will find yourself more energized for the day, more productive at work, more understanding as a parent, and you will be able to better appreciate the joy and love which we give and receive in our daily activities. As the transformation process continues, you will experience many physical health issues lessening, as well as an increase in your emotional health to more easily navigate life’s stormy waters.

Dragon Qi Gong

Training is oriented to students and young people, yet all are welcome to enjoy a brain refreshment and improve body function. Find increased intellectual abilities, increased stress resistance, and will power to deal with challenges of the life. Schools are welcome to explore this opportunity for their students.

Focus, Concentration, Intellectual Creativity... and a Healthy Body, too.

Our training program employs Qi Gong techniques to stop compulsive stressful thoughts, and instead learn to enjoy a clear thought process and sense of focus, free from obstacles. Release your natural, uninhibited creativity and concentration.

Qi Gong for Addiction Recovery.

More than anyone, those recovering from addiction are vulnerable to life's challenges. This program would offer training to ensure they are in a place of care, where strengthening their willpower can continue. This 36 hour program is intended to support efforts that rehabilitation centers use to help people get back on healthy paths in life.

“Transportation Maintenance” Qi Gong for Knees, Hips and other Aching Joints.

This class counters progressing deterioration, improves one’s ability to walk, helps with getting up and sitting down, and climbing up the stairs.

I'm calling for help!

Our addiction prevention and recovery programs can save lives. As a Qi Gong teacher, I have prepared them. Yet making them a part of our reality, bringing the teaching to schools, rehab centers and other places where they can help is a big challenge, well beyond my abilities. I appreciate and warmly welcome all of those who agree with the message I’m creating, and want to become a part of a mission; volunteers, instructors-to-be, and anyone who wants help.

I greet all of you.


A demo & lecture meeting explaining Qi Gong for Addictions and the other benefits of Qi Gong in greater detail will be open at Sat, August 19, 2:00 - 4:00 pm at the Integrated Fitness Studio. Free attendance. Please RSVP

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